In conversation with Martina Luehrmann

Osteopath, acupuncturist, holistic health practitioner and healer Martina Luehrmann has been a wise guiding light in our lives for a few years now. In preparation for the Spring equinox we discussed with her what it means "to be well" and to live a balanced life.

How would you describe your work?

I have learned many things from Chinese medicine to phychosomatic Chakra work, Homoepathy, Meditation work, and I work a lot with Light and Love energy. I don’t look at each of these techniques separately, my approach is more holistic and I am guided by intuition and work with all senses. It’s always about healing, balance, coming back to yourself, finding your core essence -that’s the goal of my work.

You work a lot with re-balancing chakras and bringing them back into alignment. 

I see each session as a journey, a kind of expedition. I start from a point of letting go of everything I know on an intellectual level and see what comes to me. I allow myself to be guided by intuition, while always keeping the goal of finding balance in mind. During the session, I see a lot in my mind's eye and I am able to intuitively access all these tools and techniques, as well as prayer. It's actually really similar to an artist's process and work. 

With a background in economics and engineering, how did you get to this path and decide to work with energies and ancient healing techniques? 

Naturopathy was part of my upbringing, my Mom was very interested in Homeopathy. Our neighbor was a Homeopath and I started reading books on Homeopathy when I was 8, this was all based on a  more intellectual level. But when I was 30, my best friend suffered from cancer and while I was trying to support him energetically I had an awakening moment on how I could  help to increase his leukocytes, and the doctors were speechless. 

When I was pregnant with my second daugther I became very sick with lots of food intolerances and even epilepsy to be point that I was almost overpowered by it. This increased my sensitivity and I started to see auras. I did a lot of online research to understand what was happening with me and while trying to heal myself and to channel my sensitivity I was able to receive different energies. This is how I became very interested to study them and in 2010 I opened my own practice. 

What means living a balanced life for you? 

Being in nature. I am very lucky to live close to the Schlachtensee (Schlachtenlake), which is a real place of power for me. In the evening, I always try to go around the lake to refuel myself. Also, divine connection is very important for me, I ask for help through prayer when I am feeling stuck or don’t know the answer. And eating healthy with fresh and home-made ingredients is very important for my wellbeing.  

Do you have a mantra or philosophy you live by?

Prayer. I had a wonderful grandmother with great charisma and a very deep trustfulness, who was my big role model for me from a young age. She had experienced a lot during the war, but always trusted in God. She was crystal clear and kind hearted, the magnet of our family. Her household was always lovingly cleaned up, but not compulsively. She was so aligned with herself until the very end. 


Your favorite place in nature? 

In my everyday life it is Schlachtensee. I feel very blessed to live so close by to the lake. And of course the sea, I love the vastness, it has something of infinity. By the sea, I am one with nature and the world, it gives me a great feeling of peace and connectedness. 

Why is Spring Equinox such a powerful date? 

This is the day when day and night are equal. Winter is important for resting, this is the strongest Yin phase, I call it creative boredom. Everything that we have collected internally in during this time can now come to light and find its expression.

We are looking forward to kick off our Workshop series with you on this magical date. What can people expect? 

It is very important after winter season to re-connect with our bodies and re-new. After a brief introduction through the chakra system, I will guide the participants through a meditation, where we first clear all chakras and than set a light-filled impulse to become aware of one's own power and clear the way for individual growth. 

When: March 20th, 6-7pm at the Los Angeles Cold Press Store, Event is free and we will serve cold pressed juices and hot tonics after

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