Travel: Verana, Mexico

This place is a magical off-grid experience located in the medical jungle and only reachable by boat and a hike. The serene setting allows for deeply relaxation, calming the mind and transformed us ways we’d never thought of.

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Nancy B
Travel: Pancha Karma experience in Bali

Combining Ayurvedic treatments, yoga, meditation to balance mind, body and soul in a nourishing pristine and natural environment within a small Balinese Hindu village, Pancha Karma is a life-changing experience that helps recreating the vision of our ideal self. 

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TravelNancy B
Alchemy: Adaptogenic Portions

Where ancient alchemy meets modern living. Introducing our 5 unique adaptogenic potion blends: The Luminous, The Alchemist, The Mountain Monk, The Muse and The Immortal. Life enhancing tonic herbs and longevity mushrooms 

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ProductNancy B
In conversation with Martina Luehrmann

Osteopath, acupuncturist, holistic health practitioner and healer Martina Luehrmann has been a wise guiding light in our lives for a few years now. In preparation for the Spring equinox we discussed with her what it means "to be well" and to live a balanced life.

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