Our Story

Two Sisters - Two Sister Cities 

On her way to Panama to harvest coffee, Cindy stopped in L.A. to visit her sister, Nancy. Cindy joined Nancy in her ritual of practicing daily yoga, drinking juice, and doing cleanses. For six months, Cindy and Nancy hopped from juice bar to juice bar, falling in love with the flavors of the very best juices. 

The sisters created Los Angeles Cold Press when they discovered that they couldn’t exist in Berlin without bringing the L.A. experience of ‘bottled sunshine’ and transformation and with them.  

We started with juice bar pop up in 2014 and, by sharing our experiences felt like we were creating a bit of our California Dream in Berlin. Since we founded the company, we have hosted workshops, events and retreats and began developing an entire conscious lifestyle brand, aiming to link what we see as two sister cities through the creation of a connected conscious community. 


Los Angeles Cold Press is a tribute to our experience in Los Angeles supporting and celebrating the power of plants and higher-grade living. We exist to share products, holistic lifestyle tools, self-care practices and knowledge that cleanse, activate and nourish your wellbeing.

Our handcrafted juices are made daily from certified organic ingredients. Every juice is cold-pressed using a special hydraulic juicing process, which gently extracts a full range of vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and other vital elements to deliver an abundance of raw nutrients and elevate the healing potential of nature’s sacred plants. Our menu adapts to the seasons and rhythms of mother nature. 

Our herbal tonics, health elixirs and superfood potions were inspired by a deep love and respect for medicinal heritage and created with naturopathic knowledge. The blends are a synergetic harmony of the elements, reconnecting us to the healing power and magic of the earth to activate vitality and enhance wellbeing. 

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We love our planet and want our carbon footprint to be as minimal as possible. 

All our offerings are certified organic and we work with local suppliers whenever possible. 

We use green power and filter & energise our water. 

Our packaging is compostable or recyclable (BPA-free recycled plastic). We encourage you to recycle our bottles and containers.